Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

Camera: Shooting options and settings
To take a realistic photo of a subject, the amount of light should be constant. When the light 
source varies, you can use a flash and supply a constant amount of light.
Press the Flash release button to open the flash. Tap   (or   
→  ) →   → Flash, and select 
an option.
•  Off: Use this to turn the flash off.
•  Auto: Use this to automatically use the flash. The flash fires when the subject or 
background is dark.
•  Auto & red-eye: Use this to prevent a red glow in the subject’s eyes.
•  Fill in: Use this to always use the flash.
•  Slow sync: Use this to keep details of the background.
•  Red-eye fix: Use this to correct a red glow in the subject’s eyes.
•  There is an interval between two bursts of the flash. Do not move until the flash 
fires a second time.
•  If light from the flash is reflected, or if a substantial amount of dust is in the air, tiny 
spots may appear in the photo.
Use this option for delayed-time shots.
Tap   (or   
→  ) →   → Timer, and select an option.
Press the Shutter button to start the timer. The camera takes photos after a specified length of 
time. Press the Shutter button to cancel the timer.