Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

Camera: Shooting options and settings
Use this option to select a focus mode appropriate to the subject.
→ Expert → PAS, or M to access one of the expert modes.
In expert mode, tap   
→   → Focus, and select an option.
•  Auto focus: Use this to capture a still subject. When you half-press the Shutter button, the 
focus fixes in the focus area. The area turns green when the focus is achieved.
•  Macro: Use this to capture very close objects.
AF area
Use this option to change the positions of the focus area.
Generally, cameras focus on the nearest subject. When there are a lot of subjects, however, 
unwanted subjects can be in focus. To prevent unwanted subjects from being in focus, 
change the focus area so that a desired subject is in focus. You can get a clearer and sharper 
photo by selecting an appropriate focus area.
→ Expert → PAS, or M to access one of the expert modes.
In expert mode, tap   
→   → AF area, and select an option.
•  Centre AF: Use this to focus on the centre of the frame.
•  Multi AF: Use this to focus on multiple areas. The photo is divided into two or more areas, 
and the camera obtains focus points of each area and displays a green rectangle in places 
where focus is set correctly. It is recommended for scenery photos.
One touch shot
Use this option to take a photo with the touch of your finger.
Tap   (or   
→  ) →   → One touch shot, and select an option.
As you tap on the subject, the camera focuses on the subject and takes a photo automatically.