Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

Camera: Shooting options and settings
OIS (anti-shake)
Use the Optical Image Stabiliser (OIS) option to reduce or eliminate blurriness from camera 
→ Expert → PAS, or M to access one of the expert modes.
In expert mode, tap   
→   → OIS (anti-shake), and select an option.
•  This feature may not function properly in the following conditions:
– When you move the camera to follow a moving subject.
– If the camera is shaking too much.
– When the shutter speed is slow (for example, when taking photos in low-light 
– If the battery power is low.
– When you take close-up photos.
•  Using this feature with a tripod may blur photos because of vibration from the OIS 
sensor. Deactivate this feature when using a tripod.
•  The display may be blurry if the camera is hit or dropped. When this happens, 
restart the device.
Video recording options
Tap   (or   
→  ) → 
, and configure the settings for video recording.
•  Movie size: Select a resolution for videos. Use higher resolution for higher quality. Higher 
resolution videos take up more memory.
•  Multi motion: Set the playback speed of videos.
If you select an option other than x1, sound will not be recorded.
•  Sound: Use this to decrease zoom noise or mute sounds when taking videos.
•  Windcut: Remove some surrounding noise in addition to wind noise.