Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

Playing videos
Video files show the   icon on the preview. Select a video to watch it and tap  .
Trimming segments of a video
Select a video and tap   
→ Trim. Move the start bracket to the desired starting point, move 
the end bracket to the desired ending point, and then save the video.
Editing images
When viewing an image, tap   and use the following functions:
•  Edit: Edit the image.
•  Slideshow: Start a slideshow with the images in the current folder.
•  Favourite: Add the image to favourites.
•  Photo frame: Use this to add a frame and a note to an image. The edited image is saved 
in the Photo frame folder.
•  Photo note: Use this to write a note on the back of the image. Tap   to edit the note.
•  Signature: Add a signature to the image. Signatures are saved in the My Signature folder.
•  Copy to clipboard: Copy to clipboard.
•  Rotate left: Rotate anticlockwise.
•  Rotate right: Rotate clockwise.
•  Crop: Resize the blue frame to crop and save the image in it.
•  Buddy photo share: Send the image to a person whose face is tagged in the image.
•  Print: Print the image via a USB or Wi-Fi connection. Some printers may not be 
compatible with the device.
•  Rename: Rename the file.
•  Set as: Set the image as wallpaper or a contact image.
•  Settings: Change the Gallery settings.