Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

Using Popup Video player
Use this feature to use other applications without closing the video player. While watching 
videos, tap   to use the pop-up player.
Spread two fingers apart on the screen to enlarge the player or pinch to reduce it. To move 
the player, drag the player to another location.
Video Editor
Use this application to edit videos and apply various effects.
Video Editor on the Applications screen.
•  Some file formats are not supported depending on the device’s software.
•  Some files may not play properly depending on the encoding method used.
•  Some features are not supported depending on the selected theme.
•  This application may not be available depending on the region.
Creating videos
Set a frame theme. To add media files, tap the icon corresponding to the desired media type 
at the bottom left pane of the screen, and then tap a file. Repeat file insertion as needed, and 
then tap Done to finish.
To delete a frame, tap and hold the frame, and then drag it to the rubbish bin.
To rearrange frames, tap and hold a frame, and then drag it to a new location.
Tap   and add a transition effect between frames.
To save, tap   
→ Save.
To export the video as a file, tap