Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

Creating story albums
Create story albums by selecting images from Gallery or images sorted by tag information.
Tap  , and then select an option.
Select images from 
Select images by tag 
Creating albums from Gallery
Tap From Gallery, select a folder, select images, and then tap  . Enter a title for the album, 
select a theme and a cover image, and then tap Create album.
Creating albums by tag information
Create albums by sorting photos by tag information, such as the location where an image 
was taken, subjects, or time.
By tag information, and then set the following tag options:
•  Location: Specify a location. The device sorts images from the location. To use location 
tags, activate the GPS tag setting in Camera before taking photos. (p. 87)
•  People: Select people from tagged images. The device sorts images taken with the 
people. To use people tags, add tags to images in Gallery. (p. 92)
•  Time: Specify a period of time. The device sorts images taken during the period you set.
After the setting is finished, tap 
Find pictures. Enter a title for the album, select a theme and a 
cover image, and then tap Create album.