Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

Tap  , and then use the following functions:
•  Slideshow: Start a slideshow or change the slideshow settings.
•  Set as cover: Set the image as an album cover image.
•  Rotate left: Rotate the image anticlockwise.
•  Rotate right: Rotate the image clockwise.
Creating albums with recommended photos
When you take multiple photos in a location, the device suggests creating a new album 
based on the location. This feature helps you create photo albums conveniently when you 
have daily events or travel.
Setting your home city
Set your home city to let the device recognise whether you at home or travelling. The device 
suggests creating event or travel albums based on your location. For example, when taking 
photos outside of the home city, the device suggests creating a travel album.
→ Settings → Home city, and then select a setting method.
Setting a minimum number of photos
→ Settings, and then drag the switch next to an album type under Suggestions to 
the right. Select the album type, and then set the minimum number of photos.
When you take photos that meet the criteria you set, the device will suggest creating an 
The device will recommend creating story albums when you surpass the preset 
specified number of photos in a single day.
Creating an event or travel album
→ From suggestions. Select an album, enter a title for the album, and then tap Create