Samsung Digital Camera User Manual (en)

Camera settings menu
Set whether to print the date and time on your photos 
when printing. (Off*, DateDate & Time)
The date and time will be displayed on the 
bottom-right corner of the photo in yellow.
The date and time may not be printed on some 
printer models.
If you select Text in the 
s mode, the date 
and time is not printed.
Auto Power 
Set the camera to automatically turn off when you are 
not using it. (Off1 min3 min*, 5 min10 min)
Your settings will not change after you replace 
the battery.
The camera will not automatically turn off when:
- It is connected to a computer or printer.
- You are playing a slide show or videos.
- You are recording a voice memo.
Video Out
Set the video signal output according to your region.
NTSC*: USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, 
PAL (supports only BDGHI): Australia, Austria, 
Belgium, China, Denmark, Finland, Germany, 
England, Italy, Kuwait, Malaysia, New Zealand, 
Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, 
Date & Time
Set the date and time and select a date format.  
(Off*, dd/mm/yyyymm/dd/yyyyyyyy/mm/dd)
File No.
Specify how to name files.
Reset: Set the file number to start from 0001 after 
inserting a new memory card, formatting a memory 
card, or deleting all files.
Series*: Set the file number to follow the previous 
file number after inserting a new memory card, 
formatting a memory card, or deleting all files.
The default name of the first folder is 100PHOTO 
and the default name of the first file is SAM_0001.
The file number increases one at a time from 
SAM_0001 to SAM_9999. (1000 files can be 
stored in one folder.)
The folder number increases one at a time from 
100PHOTO to 999PHOTO.
The maximum number of files that can be stored in 
one folder is 1000.
The camera defines file names according to the 
Digital rule for Camera File system (DCF) standard. 
If you change the names of files intentionally, the 
camera may not play back the files.
* Default
* Default