Samsung Digital Camera User Manual (en)

Before contacting a service center
Suggested remedies
Intelli-studio is not 
functioning properly
End Intelli-studio and restart the program.
You cannot use Intelli-studio on 
Macintosh computers.
Make sure that the PC Software is set to 
On in the settings menu. (p. 113)
Depending on your computer's 
specification and environments, the 
program may not launch automatically.  
In this case, click Start 
“ My Computer 
“ Intelli-studio “ iStudio. exe on your 
Cannot set the DPOF 
for RAW files
You cannot set the DPOF for RAW files.
Suggested remedies
The TV does not 
display your photos
Make sure that the camera is correctly 
connected to the external monitor with 
the A/V cable.
Make sure that your memory card 
contains photos.
Your computer does 
not recognize your 
Make sure that the USB cable is 
connected correctly.
Make sure that your camera is switched 
Make sure that you are using a supported 
operating system.
Your computer 
disconnects the 
camera while 
transferring files
The file transfer may be interrupted by static 
electricity. Disconnect the USB cable and 
connect it again.
Your computer cannot 
play videos
Depending on the video player programs, 
video files may not play. To play video files 
captured with your camera, install and use 
the Intelli-studio program on your computer. 
(p. 99)