Samsung Digital Camera User Manual (en)

Extended functions
Using the Scene mode
Using the Panorama Action mode
In the Panorama Action mode, you can capture and combine a 
series of photos of a moving subject.
Rotate the mode dial to 
Select Panorama.
Press [
a “ Panorama Action “ On.
Press [
m] to switch to Shooting mode.
Press and hold [Shutter] and aim the camera at the 
If there is more than one moving subject, the camera may not 
recognize the correct subject.
When you are finished, release [Shutter].
The camera automatically combines the shots into one photo.
Panoramic photos may fail when:
- You move the camera too fast or too slowly.
- You rotate the camera at a small degree. 
- You shake the camera.
- You move the camera to a different direction.
- You are shooting in a dark place.
- You capture a subject moving nearby.
- You are shooting under changeable light conditions.
The resolution of photos is set to VGA.
The camera may take time to save panoramic photos.
Some shooting options are not available in the Panorama Action