Samsung Digital Camera User Manual (en)

Extended functions
Using the Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, or Manual mode
Adjust aperture value or shutter speed to control the exposure of your photos. You can use these options in the Aperture Priority, Shutter 
Priority, and Manual modes.
Shutter speed
Shutter speed controls how long the camera’s shutter remains 
open when you capture a photo. When you decrease the shutter 
speed, more light enters your camera and the photo will appear 
brighter. However, a slower shutter speed can also result in blurry 
photos if either the subject or the camera is moving.
When you increase the shutter speed, the photo will appear 
darker. However, a faster shutter speed will also reduce the 
blurring if your subject or the camera is in motion.
Slow shutter speed
Fast shutter speed
Aperture value
The aperture is a hole through which light is admitted. You can 
adjust the aperture value to control how much light reaches the 
lens when you capture a photo. By decreasing the aperture value 
(opening the aperture wider), more light will enter and objects that 
are farther away will appear out of focus. This is good for close-
up or portrait shots to draw attention to the main subject. 
Alternatively, as you increase the aperture value, objects from 
near to far are in sharp focus. This is good for landscape shots to 
show the entire scope of the scene.
Big aperture value
Small aperture value