Samsung Digital Camera User Manual (en)

Extended functions
Recording a video
You do not need to rotate the mode dial to 
v to record a video. You 
can start recording a video in any mode by pressing 
Frame rate options may vary depending on video resolution.
If a message that the memory is full appears while you are recording 
a high-resolution video, change the resolution to the lower one to 
increase the remaining memory capacity.
  Frame rate available for each resolution 
Frame rate
Wide (16:9)
1920 X 1080 HQ
30 FPS
1920 X 1080
30 FPS
1280 X 720
30 FPS
192 X 64
1000 FPS
Standard (4:3)
432 X 320
240 FPS
224 X 160
480 FPS
640 X 480
30 FPS
320 X 240
30 FPS
  To pause recording 
The camera allows you to pause temporarily while recording a 
video. With this function, you can record several scenes as a 
single video.
Press [
o] to pause while recording. Press it again to resume.
  Capturing still images while recording a video 
You can capture still images while recording a video without 
switching to the photo shooting modes (up to six photos). 
Press [Shutter] to capture images while recording a video. 
Captured images will be saved automatically.