Samsung Digital Camera User Manual (en)

Extended functions
Recording a video
Captured photos have the same resolution as a video. However, when 
the video resolution is 1920 X 1080 HQ or 1920 X 1080, the captured 
photos have the same resolution as a photo in Shooting mode.
Captured photos will work as bookmarks to jump to that point in the 
video. When you select an image on the video screen, the camera 
plays the video from the selected scene. (p. 87)
You cannot capture still images while recording high-speed videos.
Recording high-speed videos
You can record high-speed videos by setting frame rates. High-
speed videos will be played in slow motion at 30 FPS, regardless 
of the frame rate of the video. 
Memory cards with slow writing speeds do not support high-speed 
You cannot set photo styles, smart filter effects, or the Smart Scene 
Detection mode when recording high-speed videos.
High-speed videos do not support the optical zoom and voice 
You cannot record high-speed videos while the camera is connected 
to a TV.
Rotate the mode dial to 
V mode only allows you to record a high-speed video.
Rotate the drive mode dial to select a frame rate:
Option Description
1000fps: Record 1000 frames per second (for up to 10 
480fps: Record 480 frames per second (for up to 3 
240fps: Record 240 frames per second (for up to 5 
 (Recorder) to start recording.
 (Recorder) again to stop recording.