Samsung Digital Camera User Manual (en)

Shooting options
Selecting a resolution and quality
Learn how to change the image resolution and quality settings.
Option Description
1920 X 1080: Print on A5 paper in panorama ratio (16:9) 
or play back on an HDTV.
1024 X 768: Attach to email.
When recording a video:
In the 
v mode, press [m].
V “ Movie Size “ an option.
Option Description
1920 X 1080 HQ: Play back high-quality files in 
panorama ratio (16:9) on an HDTV.
1920 X 1080: Play back in panorama ratio (16:9) on an 
1280 X 720: Play back in panorama ratio (16:9) on an 
640 X 480: Play back on a general TV.
320 X 240: Post on a web page.
When a memory card is not inserted, 640 X 480 and 320 X 240 only 
are supported.
Selecting a resolution
As you increase the resolution, your photo or video will include 
more pixels, so it can be printed on larger paper or displayed on 
a larger screen. When you use a high resolution, the file size will 
also increase.
When taking a photo:
In Shooting mode, press [
a “ Photo Size “ an option.
Option Description
3648 X 2736: Print on A2 paper in wide ratio (3:2).
3648 X 2432: Print on A3 paper in wide ratio (3:2).
3264 X 2448: Print on A3 paper.
3648 X 2048: Print on A3 paper in panorama ratio 
2736 X 2736: Print on A3 paper in 1:1 ratio.
2592 X 1944: Print on A4 paper.
2048 X 1536: Print on A5 paper.
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