Samsung Digital Camera User Manual (en)

Shooting options
Selecting a resolution and quality
Selecting image quality
Photos you take are saved in JPEG or RAW format. Higher quality 
images will result in larger sizes.
In Shooting mode, press [
a “ Quality “ an option.
Option Description
Super Fine
RAW + S.Fine
RAW + Fine
RAW + Normal
The options may differ depending on the shooting mode.
In the High-speed burst mode, the Precapture mode, and the Bracket mode, 
you cannot take photos in RAW format, and a RAW option will be set to 
Super Fine.
    p A S M d s
What are RAW files?
Photos captured by a camera are often transformed to JPEG 
format and stored in the memory according to the settings 
of the camera at the time of shooting. RAW files are not 
transformed to JPEG format and are stored in the memory 
without any changes. RAW files have the file extension “RAW” 
(For example:“SAM-9999 RAW”). To adjust and calibrate 
exposures, white balances, tones, contrasts, and colors of the 
RAW files, use the Samsung RAW Converter program supplied 
in the software CD-ROM. (See page 103)