Samsung Digital Camera User Manual (en)

Shooting options
Using burst modes
Taking photos in the Precapture mode
In the Precapture mode, the camera starts shooting before you 
even press the shutter all the way down. If you do not want to 
miss the first couple of important shots, simply use this mode and 
select the photo with the best results after shooting. 
Rotate the drive mode dial to Precapture.
Align your subject in the frame and half-press [Shutter
to focus.
The camera takes 8 photos continuously.
If you release [Shutter] too fast, the camera will takes less than 8 photos.
Press [Shutter].
The camera takes the last photo and then saves all of the 
captured photos while you are half-pressing [Shutter].
If you do not press [Shutter] all the way down, the photos 
captured while you are half-pressing [Shutter] will not be 
Press and hold [Shutter].
While you are pressing [Shutter], the camera takes photos 
You can capture up to 10 photos in one burst.
It may take longer to save the photos depending on the memory card 
capacity and performance.
The camera always displays captured photos before returning to 
Shooting mode.