Samsung Digital Camera User Manual (en)

Shooting options
Using burst modes
Taking photos in the Interval mode
In the Interval mode, you can take a set number of photos at a 
set interval over a period of time. The captured photos show the 
natural progression of time. This mode is helpful to capture the 
movement of clouds or opening of flower buds.
In the Interval mode, the camera captures multiple photos for certain 
period of time. You need to check the remaining battery and memory 
capacity before using this function. When the battery or memory 
capacity is insufficient, the camera automatically stops capturing 
You can set the shooting interval from 1 minute and you can capture 
photos in the Interval mode for up to 48 hours.
If you press [POWER] when the camera is turned off, the Interval 
mode will be deactivated. Use caution to avoid pressing [POWER], as 
the camera does not display any indicators in the Interval mode.
When you half-press [Shutter], press [Shutter], or 
 (Recorder), the 
Interval mode is deactivated.
Rotate the drive mode dial to Interval.
In Shooting mode, press [
a “ Interval.
Select an option.
Set the shooting interval.
No. of Shots
Set the number of photos to capture.
Align your subject in the frame.
Turn off the camera.
The camera automatically turns on and takes the first shot 
after about 1 minute. After the first shot, the camera turns off.
The camera automatically turns on after the interval you set 
and takes the next photo.
If you rotate the mode dial when the camera turns off in the Interval mode, the 
selected shooting mode may not work properly.