Samsung Digital Camera User Manual (en)

Shooting options
Using burst modes
  Selecting a bracketing option 
In Shooting mode, press [
a “ Bracket.
Select a bracketing option.
PSS BKT: Take 1 photo and create 8 photos with 
different photo styles.
WB BKT: Take 3 photos with different white balance.
AE BKT: Take 3 photos with selected exposures.
Adjust the color for the selected light source (white 
balance) or select an exposure value.
Press [
o] to save your settings.
Taking bracketed photos
You can use the automatic bracketing feature to take multiple 
photos of the same subject with different setting values slightly 
modified, such as exposure, white balance, or photo style.
Rotate the drive mode dial to Bracket.
Press [Shutter].
If WB BKT or AE BKT is selected, the camera takes 3 
photos continuously.
If PSS BKT is selected, the camera takes 1 photo and 
creates 8 photos with different photo styles. The original photo 
is saved automatically and you can select one additional 
photo to save.
Use a tripod to prevent blurry photos.