Samsung Digital Camera User Manual (en)

Shooting options
Changing the camera’s focus
Using tracking auto focus
Tracking AF allows you to track and auto focus on your subject, 
even when you are moving.
In Shooting mode, press [
a “ Focus Area “ Tracking AF.
Press [
m] to switch to Shooting mode.
Focus on the subject you want to track and press [
A focus frame appears on the subject and follows the subject 
as you move the camera.
F2.4  1/60
The white frame means that your camera is tracking the 
The green frame means that your subject is in focus when you 
half-press [Shutter]. 
    p A S M d
Tracking a subject may fail when:
- The subject is too small or the subject moves excessively.
- The subject is backlit or you are shooting in a dark place.
- Colors or patterns on the subject and the background are the 
- The camera shakes excessively.
In these cases, the focus frame appears as a white single-line frame.
If the camera fails to track the subject, you must reselect the subject 
to track. 
If the camera fails to fix the focus, the focus frame changes to a red 
single-line frame.
If you use this function, you cannot set face detection, photo style 
options, and smart filter effects.