Samsung Digital Camera User Manual (en)

Shooting options
Using face detection
If you use face detection options, your camera can automatically detect a human face. When you focus on a human face, the camera 
adjusts the exposure automatically. Take photos quickly and easily by using Blink Detection to detect closed eyes or Smile Shot to 
capture a smiling face. You can also use Smart Face Recognition to register faces and prioritize the focus on them. 
    p A S M d s
Detecting faces
Your camera automatically detects human faces (up to 10 human 
In Shooting mode, press [
a “ Face Detection “ Normal
The nearest face appears in a white focus frame and the rest 
of the faces appear in gray focus frames.
The closer you are to the subject, the quicker your camera will detect 
If you set the burst mode, the detected faces may not be recognized.
In some 
s modes, face detection is unavailable.
Face detection may not be effective when: 
- The subject is far from the camera. (The focus frame will appear 
orange for Smile Shot and Blink Detection.)
- It is too bright or too dark.
- The subject is not facing the camera.
- The subject is wearing sunglasses or a mask.
- The subject is in backlighting or the lighting condition is unstable.
- The subject’s facial expression changes remarkably.
Face detection is not available when you use a photo style, smart filter 
effect, image adjustment option, or when you use Manual Focus
Selection AF, or Tracking AF.
Face detection is not available when you use the digital zoom.
Depending on the burst mode, some face detection options are not 
When you take photos of detected faces, they will be registered in 
the face list.
You can view registered faces in order of priority in Playback mode.  
(p. 82) Even though faces are registered successfully, they may not be 
classified in Playback mode.
The detected face in Shooting mode may not appear in the face list 
or Smart Album.