Samsung Digital Camera User Manual (en)

Shooting options
Using face detection
The camera may recognize and register faces incorrectly depending 
on lighting conditions, unusual changes in the subject’s pose or face, 
and whether or not the subject is wearing glasses.
The camera can automatically register up to 12 faces. If the camera 
recognizes a new face when there are 12 registered faces, it will 
replace the face in the lowest priority with the new one.
The camera can detect up to 10 faces in one scene.
Registering faces as your favorites (My Star)
You can register your favorite faces to prioritize the focus and 
exposure on those faces. This feature is available only when you 
use a memory card.
In Shooting mode, press [
a “ Smart FR Edit “ My Star.
Align your subject’s face with the oval guideline and 
press [Shutter] to register the face.
If the subject’s face is not aligned with the oval guideline, the 
white frame will not appear.
You can take photos of a subject’s face directly from the front, 
to the left side, to the right side, from above, or from below.
Take photos of one person at a time when registering faces.