Samsung Digital Camera User Manual (en)

Shooting options
Adjusting brightness and color
Learn how to adjust the brightness and color for better image quality.
Changing the metering option
The metering mode refers to the way in which a camera 
measures the quantity of light. The brightness and lighting of your 
photos will vary depending on the metering mode you select.
In Shooting mode, press [
a “
Option Description
Your camera measures only the light intensity of the 
very center of the frame. 
If a subject is not in the center of the scene, your 
photo may be improperly exposed.
Suitable for a subject with backlighting.
Your camera divides the scene into several areas, and 
then measures the light intensity of each area. 
Suitable for general photos.
Your camera averages the meter reading of the entire 
frame with emphasis placed on the center.
Suitable for photos with subjects in the center of the 
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Adjusting the exposure manually (EV) 
Depending on the intensity of the ambient light, your photos 
may be too bright or dark. In these cases, you can adjust the 
exposure to get a better photo.
Darker (-)
Neutral (0)
Brighter (+)
In Shooting mode, press [
a “
Select a value to adjust the exposure.
Press [
o] to save your settings.
Once you adjust the exposure, the setting will remain the same. You 
may need to change the exposure value later to avoid overexposing or 
underexposing photos you take later.
If you cannot decide on an appropriate exposure, change the 
bracketing mode to AE BKT and rotate the drive mode dial to 
Bracket. The camera takes photos with different exposures. (p. 55)
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