Samsung Digital Camera User Manual (en)

Settings menu
Select a language for the display text.
Time Zone
Select a region and set the daylight-saving time 
Date/Time Set 
Set the date and time.
Date Type
Select a date format. (YYYY/MM/DD,  
File No.
Specify how to name files.
: Set the file number to start from 0001 when 
inserting a new memory card, formatting a memory 
card, or deleting all files.
*: Set the file number to follow the previous 
file number when inserting a new memory card, 
formatting a memory card, or deleting all files.
The default name of the first folder is 100PHOTO and 
the default name of the first file is SAM_0001.
The file number increases one at a time from 
SAM_0001 to SAM_9999. 
The folder number increases one at a time from 
100PHOTO to 999PHOTO.
The maximum number of files that can be stored in 
one folder is 9,999.
The camera defines file names according to the 
Digital rule for Camera File system (DCF) standard. 
If you change the names of files intentionally, the 
camera may not play back the files.
Auto Rotate
Set to automatically rotate photos as you rotate the 
camera. (OffOn*)
Power Save 
If you perform no operations for 30 seconds, the 
camera automatically switches to Power save mode 
(press any button to deactivate the Power save 
mode). (Off*, On)
Auto Lock
Set to lock the touch screen after a certain time.  
(Off*, 10 sec30 sec1 min)
* Default
Format the internal memory and the memory card 
(formatting will delete all files, including protected 
files). (NoYes)
If you use a memory card used with cameras from different 
manufacturers or a memory card reader, or one formatted 
on a computer, your camera may read the card incorrectly. 
Format the card in your camera before using it.
Reset menus and shooting options (date and time, 
language, and video output settings will not be reset). 
* Default
* Default