Samsung Digital Camera User Manual (en)

Camera maintenance
Do not disassemble or puncture the battery with any 
sharp object.
Avoid exposing the battery to high pressure or crushing 
Avoid exposing the battery to major impacts, such as 
dropping it from high places.
Do not expose the battery to temperatures of 60° C  
(140° F) or above.
Do not allow the battery to come in contact with moisture 
or liquids.
Do not expose the battery to direct sunlight, fire, or any 
other source of excessive heat.
Disposal guidelines
Dispose of the battery with care.
Do not dispose of the battery in a fire.
Disposal regulations may differ by country or region. 
Dispose of the battery in accordance with all local and 
federal regulations.
Guidelines for charging the battery
Charge the battery only by the method described in this user 
manual. The battery can ignite or explode if not charged 
Personal injury or death can occur if the battery is 
handled carelessly or improperly. For your safety, 
follow these instructions for proper battery handling:
The battery can ignite or explode if not handled properly. If 
you notice any deformities, cracks, or other abnormalities 
in the battery, immediately discontinue use of the battery 
and contact your manufacturer.
Use only authentic, manufacturer-recommend battery 
chargers and adapters and charge the battery only by the 
method described in this user manual.
Do not place the battery near heating devices or expose 
to excessively warm environments, such as the inside of 
an enclosed car in the summertime.
Do not place the battery in a microwave oven.
Avoid storing or using the battery in hot, humid places, 
such as spas or shower enclosures.
Do not rest the device on flammable surfaces, such as 
bedding, carpets, or electric blankets for a prolonged 
When the device is switched on, do not leave it in any 
confined space for a prolonged period.
Do not allow battery terminals to come in contact with 
metallic objects, such as necklaces, coins, keys, or 
Use only authentic, manufacturer-recommended,  
Lithium-ion replacement batteries.