Samsung Digital Camera User Manual (en)

Before contacting a service center
Suggested remedies
The photo is blurry
Make sure that the focus option you set 
is suitable for close-up shots. (p. 52)
Make sure that the lens is clean. If not, 
clean the lens. (p. 105)
Make sure that the subject is within 
range of the flash. (p. 113)
The colors in the photo 
do not match the actual 
An incorrect white balance can create 
unrealistic color. Select the proper white 
balance option to suit the light source. 
(p. 62)
The photo is too bright
Your photo is overexposed.
Turn off the flash. (p. 
Adjust the exposure value. (p. 
The photo is too dark
Your photo is underexposed.
Turn on the flash. (p. 
Adjust the ISO speed. (p. 
Adjust the exposure value. (p. 
The TV does not 
display your photos
Make sure that the camera is correctly 
connected to the TV with the A/V cable.
Make sure that your memory card 
contains photos.
Suggested remedies
The date and time are 
Set the date and time in the display settings 
menu. (p. 100)
The touch screen or 
buttons do not work
Remove the battery and insert it again.
The camera screen 
works poorly
If you use your camera at very low 
temperatures, it may cause the camera 
screen to malfunction or discolor. 
For better performance of your camera 
screen, use your camera in moderate 
The memory card has 
an error
Turn off your camera and then turn it 
on again.
Remove your memory card and insert 
it again.
Format your memory card. 
See “Protect batteries, chargers, and memory
cards from damage” for more detail. (p. 3)
Cannot play back files
If you change the name of a file, your 
camera may not play the file (the name of 
the file should meet the DCF standard). If 
you encounter this situation, play back the 
files on your computer.