Samsung Digital Camera User Manual (en)

Basic functions
Taking photos
Turning on the front display
The front display will help you take self-portraits or photos of 
children, couples, or people jumping.
If you use the children mode, you can play a short animation on 
the front display to attract a child’s attention. (p. 41)
Press the front LCD button to turn on the front display.
You can tap the front display to turn it on, and tap it again or 
press the front LCD button to turn it off.
Select a shooting option.
 appears on the screen after a time, and the touch screen 
is locked.
On: Turn on the front display.
Self-Shot: View yourself on the front display while 
taking a self-portrait. (p. 40)
Children: Show a short animation on the front display 
to make taking pictures of children easier. (p. 41)
Couple Shot: Take photos of couples automatically 
when they lean in toward each other. (p. 41)
Jump Shot: Show a visual cue on the front display so 
jumping subjects can time their jumps for the photo. 
(p. 42)
Function Info: Show flash and focus information on 
the front display. (p. 43)
Smile Icon: Show a smile icon on the front display 
when picture is in focus. (p. 43)
When you set timer options, the front display will remain active. (p. 
When you turn on the front display, the icons on the touch screen 
may dim.
When you use the camera in brightly lit or sunny areas, you may not 
be able to see the front display clearly.
When you play slide shows or movies, the front display may not 
activate even if you touch it.
 is automatically selected if you do not select an option 
within 3 seconds.
When you put pressure on the camera or open the battery cover, the 
front display may activate.