Samsung Digital Camera User Manual (en)

Basic functions
Taking photos
  Digital zoom  
If the zoom indicator is in the digital range, your camera is using 
the digital zoom. The picture quality may deteriorate when you 
use the digital zoom.
Optical range
Digital range
Zoom indicator
The digital zoom is not available when you use the 
S, s (in 
some scenes), 
d, D, and v modes and when you use Face 
Detection, and Smart Filter.
It may take longer to save a photo when you are using the digital 
You can shoot close-up photos by adjusting the zoom. Your 
camera has a 5X optical zoom and 5X digital zoom. By using 
both, you can zoom in up to 25 times. 
Push [Zoom] right to zoom in on your subject. Push [Zoom] left 
to zoom out.
Zoom in
Zoom out
Zoom ratio
The zoom ratio available for videos differs.