Samsung Digital Camera User Manual (en)

Extended functions
Shooting modes
Using the Scene mode
Take a photo with options preset for a specific scene.
In Shooting mode, select 
a “
Select a scene.
This mode allows you to choose an appropriate scene for 
a variety of situations.
For the 
Beauty Shot mode, see “Using the Beauty Shot 
mode” on page 34.
For the 
Frame Guide mode, see “Using the frame guide” on 
page 35.
Align your subject in the frame, and then half-press 
[Shutter] to focus.
Press [
Shutter] to take the photo.
Half-press [
Shutter] to focus.
Press [
Shutter] to take the photo. 
If the camera does not recognize an appropriate scene mode, 
appears and the camera uses default settings.
Even if it detects a face, the camera may not select a portrait mode 
depending on the subject's position or lighting.
The camera may not select the correct scene depending on the 
shooting conditions, such as camera shake, lighting and distance to 
the subject.
Even if you use a tripod, the camera may not detect the 
 mode if 
the subject is moving.