Samsung Digital Camera User Manual (en)

Health and safety information
Do not use memory cards that have been formatted by other 
cameras or by a computer. Reformat the memory card with 
your camera.
Never use a damaged charger, battery, or memory card.
When carrying a memory card, use a case to protect the card 
from electrostatic.
Transfer important data to other media, such as a hard disk or 
When using the camera for an extended period, the memory 
card may become warm; this is normal and not a malfunction.
When the lifespan of a memory card has expired, you cannot 
store any more photos on the card. Use a new memory card.
Do not remove the memory card or turn off your camera while 
the lamp is blinking, as this may damage your data.
Use only Samsung-approved accessories
Using incompatible accessories may damage your camera, 
cause injury, or void your warranty.
Protect your camera’s lens
Do not expose the lens to direct sunlight, as this may discolor 
the image sensor or cause it to malfunction.
Protect your lens from fingerprints and scratches. Clean your 
lens with a soft, clean, debris-free lens cloth.
Protect batteries, chargers, and memory cards from 
Avoid exposing batteries or memory cards to very cold or very 
hot temperatures (below 0º C/32º F or above 40º C/104º F). 
Extreme temperatures can reduce the charging capacity of your 
batteries and can cause memory cards to malfunction.
Prevent batteries from making contact with metal objects, as 
this can create a connection between the + and – terminals 
of your battery and lead to temporary or permanent battery 
damage. Also, this may cause a fire or electric shock.
Prevent memory cards from making contact with liquids, dirt, or 
foreign substances. If dirty, wipe the memory card clean with a 
soft cloth before inserting in your camera.
Do not allow liquids, dirt, or foreign substances to come in 
contact with the memory card slot. Doing so may cause the 
camera to malfunction.
Insert a memory card in the correct direction. Inserting a 
memory card in the wrong direction may damage your camera 
and memory card.
Turn off the camera when inserting or removing the memory 
Do not bend, drop, or subject memory cards to heavy impact 
or pressure.