Samsung Digital Camera User Manual (en)

Extended functions
Shooting modes
Press [
Shutter] to start recording.
Press [
Shutter] again to stop recording. 
If the camera does not recognize an appropriate scene mode, 
D will 
not change and the camera will use default settings.
The camera may not select the correct scene depending on the 
shooting conditions, such as camera shake, lighting, and distance to 
the subject.
The Photo Style and Smart Filter options are not available in 
Using the Smart Scene Detection mode for 
Video Recording
In this mode, your camera automatically chooses the appropriate 
camera settings based on the scene it has detected.
In Shooting mode, select 
a “ D.
Align your subject in the frame.
The camera selects a scene automatically. An appropriate 
mode icon will appear at the top left of the screen.
Appears when recording videos of landscapes.
Appears when recording videos of clear skies.
Appears when recording videos of forested areas.
Appears when recording videos of sunsets.