Samsung Digital Camera User Manual (en)

Shooting options
Using the timer
Learn how to set the timer to delay shooting.
    S a p s d D v
Press [
Shutter] to start the timer. 
The AF-assist light/timer lamp blinks. The camera will 
automatically take a photo at the specified time.
The front display will start a countdown a few seconds before 
Select the timer icon or press [
Shutter] to cancel the timer.
Depending on the face detection option you have selected, the timer 
function or some of its options may not be available.
In Shooting mode, select 
Select an option. 
Off: The timer is not active.
10 Sec: Capture a photo after a 10-second delay.
2 Sec: Capture a photo after a 2-second delay.
Double: Capture one photo after a 10-second delay 
and another photo after a 2-second delay.
Motion Timer: Capture a photo when you move. 
(p. 49)
The options may differ depending on the shooting mode.