Samsung Digital Camera User Manual (en)

Shooting options
Using the timer
Pose for your photo while the AF-assist light/timer lamp 
is blinking.
The AF-assist light/timer lamp will stop blinking just before the 
camera automatically takes a photo.
The motion timer may not work when:
You are more than 10 ft (3 m) away from the camera.
Your movements are too subtle.
There is too much light or backlight.
The subject is close enough to reflect the AF light.
  Using the motion timer  
In Shooting mode, select 
Press [
Stand within 10 ft (3 m) of the camera within 6 seconds 
after pressing [Shutter].
Make a motion, such as waving your arms, to activate 
the timer.
The AF-assist light/timer lamp will start to blink rapidly when 
the camera detects you.
The detection range of 
the motion timer