Samsung Digital Camera User Manual (en)

Shooting options
Shooting in the dark
Adjusting the ISO speed
The ISO speed is the measure of a film’s sensitivity to light as 
defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). 
The higher ISO speed you select, the more sensitive to light your 
camera becomes. With a higher ISO speed, you can get a better 
photo without using the flash.
In Shooting mode, select 
f “ 
Select an option.
 to use an appropriate ISO speed based on the 
brightness of the subject and lighting.
Higher ISO speeds may result in more image noise.
The flash will fire twice when the subject or 
background is dark. The subject should not move 
until the flash fires a second time.
The camera reduces red-eyes.
Fill in
The flash always fires.
The camera automatically adjusts light intensity.
Slow Sync
The flash fires and the shutter stays open longer.
Select this when you want to capture ambient light 
to reveal more details in the background.
Use a tripod to prevent your photos from blurring.
Red-eye Fix*: 
The flash fires when the subject or background is 
The camera corrects red-eyes through its advanced 
software analysis.
The options may differ depending on the shooting mode.
*  There is an interval between 2 bursts of the flash. Do not move until 
the flash fires a second time.
Flash options are not available if you set burst options or select 
Make sure that your subjects are within the recommended distance 
from the flash. (p. 113)
If light from the flash is relfected or there is a substantial amount of 
dust in the air, tiny spots may appear in your photo.