Samsung Digital Camera User Manual (en)

Shooting options
Changing the camera’s focus
Adjusting the focus area
You can get clearer photos by selecting an appropriate focus 
area according to your subject’s location in the scene.
In Shooting mode, select 
f “  .
Select an option.
Center AF
Center AF: Focus on the center of the frame (suitable 
when subjects are located at or near the center).
Multi AF: Focus on one or more of 9 possible areas.
One Touch Shooting: Focus on the subject by 
touching the image on the screen. Touch and hold the 
subject to take the photo.
Smart Touch AF: Focus on and track the subject that 
you touch on the screen. (p. 53)
The options may differ depending on the shooting mode.
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Using one touch shooting
You can focus on your subject and take a photo with the touch 
of your finger.
In Shooting mode, select 
f “   “ 
Touch a subject to focus.
Touch and hold the subject to take the photo.
Touch and hold until the level indicator fills up. 
If you touch and hold any other area, the frame to detect faces will 
change to a normal frame.
If you use this function, you cannot set Burst options, Photo Style 
options, or Smart Filter effects.
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