Samsung Digital Camera User Manual (en)

Shooting options
Improving your photos
Vignetting: Apply the retro-looking colors, high 
contrast, and strong vignette effect of Lomo cameras.
Fish-eye 1: Distort close objects to imitate the visual 
effect of a fisheye lens. 
Fish-eye 2: Blacken the edges of the frame and 
distort objects to imitate the visual effect of a fisheye 
Sketch: Make a photo looks like a drawing.
Defog: Make a photo clearer. 
If you select 
Miniature when recording a video, the miniature 
recording time will be displayed with the 
 icon and will be shorter 
than the actual recording time.
If you select 
Miniature when recording a video, the camera will not 
record sound.
When you apply a smart filter effect while recording a video, the 
recording speed will be set to 
 and the recording resolution will be 
set to less than 
If you use this function, you cannot use the Face Recognition, ACB, 
Burst, Photo Style or Image Adjustment options.
The options may differ depending on the shooting mode.
When you select 
Sketch, the photo will be automatically resized to 
 or smaller.
Applying smart filter effects
Apply various filter effects to your photos to create unique images.
Fish-eye 1
Fish-eye 2
In Shooting mode, select 
f “
Select an effect. 
Normal: No effect
Miniature: Make a photo of a life-size location or 
object look like a photo of a miniature scale model. 
Blurring parts of the photo makes the scene seem 
much smaller than it actually is.
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