Samsung Digital Camera User Manual (en)

Viewing files on a TV or HDTV
Play back photos or videos by connecting your camera to a TV using the A/V cable.
View photos or play videos using the touch screen on 
your camera.
The touch screen will function as the controller for the TV 
screen. Locate the option you want on the TV screen, and 
then touch the option on the camera screen. When a pointer 
appears on the option on the TV screen, select 
 on the 
camera screen.
On some TVs, digital noise may occur or part of an image may not 
Images may not appear centered on the TV screen depending on 
your TV settings.
Some shooting modes are not available while the camera is 
connected to a TV.
In Shooting or Playback mode, select 
M “
Select a video signal output according to your country or 
region. (p. 101)
Turn off your camera and TV.
Connect your camera to your TV using the A/V cable.
Turn on your TV, and then select the video output mode 
using the TV remote control.
Turn on your camera, and then press [