Samsung Digital Camera User Manual (en)

Viewing files on a TV or HDTV
Turn on your camera.
If you have an Anynet+ compatible Samsung HDTV, the HDTV 
will turn on automatically and display the camera screen.
If you turn Anynet+ off, the HDTV does not turn on 
View files using a remote control of your camera or 
If your HDTV supports the Anynet+(CEC) profile, turn Anynet+ on in 
the camra’s settings menu (p.101) to control the camera and TV with 
the TV’s remote control.
Anynet+ lets you control all connected Sasmung A/V devices with the 
TV remote control.
The time it takes for the camera to connect to your HDTV may vary 
with the type of microSD
 or microSDHC
card you use. A faster 
 or microSDHC
card will not necessarily result in a faster 
HDMI transfer, because the main function of the card is to improve 
transfer rate during shooting.
  Viewing files on an HDTV  
You can view high-quality and uncompressed photos or videos 
on an HDTV using the optional HDMI cable. HDMI (High Definition 
Multimedia Interface) is supported by most HDTVs.  
For details, see the HDMI Kit manual.
In Shooting or Playback mode, select 
M “  .
. (twice) “ HDMI Size.
Select an HDMI resolution.
Turn off your camera and HDTV.
Connect your camera to your HDTV using an optional 
HDMI cable.