Samsung Digital Camera User Manual (en)

Transferring files to your Mac computer
When you connect the camera to a Macintosh computer, the computer will recognize the device automatically. You can transfer files directly 
from the camera to the computer without installing any programs.
Mac OS 10.4 or later is supported.
Turn on the camera.
The computer recognizes the camera automatically and 
displays a removable disk icon.
If you set the USB option to Select Mode, select Computer from the 
pop-up window.
Double-click the removable disk icon.
Transfer photos or videos to your computer.
Connect your camera to a Macintosh computer with the 
USB cable.
You must plug the end of the cable with the indicator light (
S) into 
your camera. If the cable is reversed, it may damage your files. The 
manufacturer is not responsible for any loss of data.