Canon G3 User Manual (en)

Connect the USB cable to the
camera’s Digital terminal.
• Open the terminal cover and
connect the cable.
Mac OS 8.6-9.2
• ImageBrowser will start and open the ImageBrowser Automation Wizard
dialog. Confirm that [Display Images] is selected and click the [OK] button.
Mac OS X
• Double-click the [Canon ImageBrowser] icon on the desktop. Once
ImageBrowser is started, click [Canon Camera] in the Explorer View section.
Set the communication settings (first time connection only)
Mac OS 8.6-9.2 screen shot shown.
• Confirm that [USB Port] and your camera model name are selected and click
the [Set] button.
The Camera window will open and display the camera images.
The name of your camera
model appears here.
2. USB cable
Insert the connector
until it clicks.
1. Terminal cover