Canon G3 User Manual (en)

Wireless Delay
Sets the duration before the self-timer
releases the shutter once the remote control
shutter button is pressed.
• 0 seconds
• 2 seconds*
• 10 seconds
Spot AE Point
Sets the Spot AE Point option, Center (the
AE point is fixed to the center) or AF Point
(the AE point corresponds to the AF point).
• Center*
• AF Point
ND Filter
Sets the ND filter.
• On
• Off*
MF-Point Zoom
Sets whether or not the focusing point is
magnified when using the manual focus.
• On*
• Off
 AF Mode
Sets the frequency of autofocus activation.
When the LCD monitor is off, this setting
locks in single mode.
• Continuous*
• Single
AF-assist Beam
Sets the output of the AF-assist beam
according to shooting conditions when
using the auto focus.
• On*
• Off
Menu Screen
Settings Content
*Default setting