Canon EOS 620-650 User Manual (en)

Canon EOS 620 - 650 camera manual
Quartz Date Back E           Technical Back E / Interface Unit TB / Keyboard Unit E
The Quartz Date Back E is a fully automatic data back which imprints data on the film. 
1. Auto date up through the year 2029. (automatic compensation for leap years and long/
short months) 
2. Auto digital clock mode (Day/Hour/Minutes) with 24 hour display. 
3. Arbitrary 6-digit numbers 
4. Frame counter number from Fc 0001 through 9999. 
As the name "Technical" suggests, the Technical Back E not only imprints the data and 
arbitrary comments (up to 30 digits) on film but memorizes shooting data such as shutter 
speed, aperture value, lens focal length and film speed. 
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