Canon EOS 620-650 User Manual (en)

Canon EOS 620 - 650 camera manual
· When the Technical Back E is connected to a personal computer through the Interface Unit 
TB, it is also possible to command the camera from a computer, etc. (The Interface Unit TB 
is sold in both MSX and IBM computer models, but product availability may vary from area 
to area.) 
· With the Keyboard Unit E, comments can be imprinted in English, French, German and 
Dioptric Adjustment Lenses / Circular Polarizing Filters PL-C / Interchangeable 
Ten eyesight correction lenses are available in powers of +3, +2, +1.5, +1, +0.5,0, - 0.5, - 
2, - 3 and -4 diopters. They make viewing and focusing easier if you are near or far-sighted. 
Choose the one which is closest to your eyeglass prescription, and make a practical test if 
· The dioptric adjustment lens consists of a correction lens and removable rubber frame 
(eyecup). With the frame removed, the correction lens can be attached to the A-series and T 
series cameras. 
AF photography is possible with the Canon Circular Polarizing Filters PL-C. These are screw-
in types available in three thread diameters: 52mm, 58mm and 72mm. 
You can replace the palm grip according to your hand size. 
Three types are available: 
1. Grip GR30: Standard with the EOS 650. Has no remote control terminal. 
2. Grip GR20: Standard with the EOS 620. The same size as Grip GR30 but equipped with a 
remote control terminal. 
3. Grip GR10 (Grip L): The large size grip for bigger hands. Has no remote control terminal. 
Caring for Your Camera
As with any precision instrument proper care and maintenance involve a few simple rules 
and good common sense. Observing them will keep your camera in top condition at all 
times. We recommend cleaning your camera periodically. 
Cleaning tools: blower brush, lens cleaning fluid, lens cleaning tissue, silicone treated cloth 
1) To clean the lens surface and the viewfinder eyepiece:
Blow off dust with the blower brush and gently wipe the lens surface with a lens cleaning 
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