Canon 2.2 User Manual (en)

Print Server Appliance
Version 2.2
Easily manage your organization’s network
printing with the Canon Print Server Appliance.
The Canon Print Server Appliance (PSA) is a Windows
turnkey server appliance designed to easily manage any 
organization’s network printing. Not only does the PSA provide
the option to offload the print traffic from the main backbone of
the network, but it also makes print queue creation and driver
management incredibly simple. Once the PSA is plugged into 
a network, it automatically discovers network print devices 
and creates the appropriate print queues. Driver installation
becomes a breeze by allowing clients to download preconfig-
ured drivers to their desktop PC from the appliance’s Web 
page through a single click. The new release of the PSA
is based on the Windows 2003 platform and contains helpful
features for any enterprise IT Manager such as basic click
counts, factory reset, automatic failover, import print share,
and many more.
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