Canon multipass c3000 Service Manual (en)

3.3 Head Gap Adjustment
a) When adjustment is required
If the carriage guide frame fastened to the printer frame is repositioned, the head gap
must be adjusted.
The screws are painted red to prevent them from being loosened.
Only the head gap between the BJ cartridge’s head face and platen needs to
be adjusted (to approximately 1.2 mm) to ensure optimum print quality.
This adjustment is done by moving the carriage guide frame forward or back.
The head gap differs depending on the position of the paper thickness lever.
To adjust the head gap, move the paper thickness lever to the left (for plain
paper printing with a black BJ cartridge) and set the head gap to
approximately 1.2 mm.
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BJ Cartridge
Head Gap
Carriage Guide Frame
Figure 3-9 Headgap