Canon multipass c3000 Service Manual (en)

b) Required adjustment tools
Gap gauge (1.2 mm)
For head gap measurement
Phillips screwdriver
Removing/inserting screws
BJ cartridge (BC-20)
For head gap measurement (During the
adjustment, the head's nozzles will come into
contact with the gap gauge.  Therefore, do not
use the customer's BJ cartridge.  Also, since the
BJ cartridge's weight will have some effect,
always use a fresh BJ cartridge.)
c) Adjustment procedure
c-1) Adjustment preparation
(1) Remove the upper cover. Refer to 
the Parts Catalog
and remove the upper cover.
Disassemble the main unit as shown in 
Fig. 3-10
(2) Install a black BJ cartridge (for servicing) into the carriage.
(3) Push in the carriage guide frame as of the arrows and tighten screws A and B lightly.
(4) Move the carriage belt with your fingers to move the carriage to position A (center of
Before making the adjustment, make sure the gap gauge is not deformed and
no foreign particles are adhering to it and the platen.
Chapter 3: Maintenance & Service
Carriage Belt
Carriage Guide Frame
Screw A
Screw B
Black BJ Cartridge
Position A
Figure 3-10 Adjustment Preparation