Canon multipass c3000 Service Manual (en)

5.1 Hardware Switches
There is no service hardware switch on the Circuit board.
5.2 Service Data Setting
Service data can be checked and changed with items on display menus.  The default values of
the SSSW/parameters available in this fax machine are shown in 
this Chapter, 5.2.3 Service
data setting
in this manual.  The SSSW/parameters given in the previous product-specific
manual are explained in the 
G3 Facsimile Service Data Handbook
.  The new switches for this
model are described in 
this Chapter, 5.2.3 Service data setting
5.2.1 Service data overview
The service data menu items are divided into the following nine blocks.
#1 SSSW (Service Soft Switch settings)
These setting items are for basic fax service functions such as error management, echo
countermeasures, and communication trouble countermeasures.
#2 MENU (MENU switch settings)
These setting items are for functions required during installation, such as NL equalizer
and transmission levels.
#3 NUMERIC Param. (NUMERIC parameter settings)
These setting items are for inputting numeric parameters such as the various conditions
for the FAX/TEL switching function.
#4 NCU (NCU settings)
These setting items are for telephone network control functions such as the selection
signal transmission conditions and the detection conditions, for the control signals sent
from the exchange.
#5 TYPE (TYPE setting)
The type setting makes the service data conform to a specific country communications
standards. There is only one setting item in this block.
#6 GENESIS (UHQ function setting)
These setting items are for scanned image processing such as edge enhancement and
error diffusion processing.
#7 PRINTER (PRINTER function settings)
These setting items are for basic printer service functions such as the reception picture
reduction conditions.  Also there is an item for resetting the printer section without
switching the power off-on.
Chapter 3: Maintenance & Service