Canon multipass c3000 Service Manual (en)

#8 CLEAR (data initialization mode)
Various data are initialized by selecting one of these setting items.  There is a setting item
for checking/inputting the total number of pages printed and total number of pages
scanned by this fax.
#9 ROM (ROM management)
ROM data such as the version number and checksum are displayed.
#10 REPORT (Service report output function)
Service report output function.
5.2.2 Service data registration/setting method
Service data can be registered/set by the following operations:
Part 1: Facsimile
Standby (date and Receive mode display)
02/27/97  Fax Only
#3 NUMERIC Param
Press the START/COPY button.
Press the STOP button to return to standby.
Input the data and press the START/COPY button.
(4) Data registration
Press the         button. 
(2) Service data mode selection
(1) User data mode selection
Press the FUNCTION button, and then < button.
(3) Menu item selection
Select the menu item by pressing the < or > button.
Figure 3-16 Service Data Setting Method