Canon multipass c3000 Service Manual (en)

6.2 Service Test Functions
The fax functions for testing individual operations, such as below.
Page 3-39
for details of entering the test mode.  To leave the test mode, press the
button, and then > button.
6.2.1 Test mode overview
Test mode can be executed by following the menu items from the display.
a) DRAM tests
Writes data to DRAM image storage areas and reads that data to check operations.
b) CS test
CS test is used to enter the contact sensor's shading data.
c) Print test
Prints nine different patterns within the print area.
d) Modem, NCU tests
The frequency test and the G3 signal transmission and CNG signal and DTMF signals
reception tests.
e) Faculty tests
Test the operation of operation panel and sensor functions.
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