Canon multipass c3000 Service Manual (en)

6.2.7 Faculty tests
The faculty tests are selected by pressing the 
button from the test mode menu.  These
tests test the following faculties of this fax.
Test type
Sensor tests
Test whether the sensors are operating correctly.
Operation panel test
Tests whether the button switches on the control panel are
operating correctly.
Line signal reception test
Tests whether the NCU board signal sensor and frequency
counter are operating correctly.
a) Sensor tests
The sensor test is selected by pressing the 
button from the faculty test menu.  In this
test, you can check the status of each sensor of this fax in item 1 on the display.
You can also check if sensors that use actuators and microswitches are operating correctly
by moving the actuator or microswitch.
The sensor tests cannot be used to test all of the sensors.  The following
sensors cannot be tested with the sensor tests:
Home position sensor, paper edge sensor, and ink detection sensor.
If any of these sensor are faulty, an error message or service error code will
appear to indicate the faulty sensor.
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