Canon multipass c3000 Service Manual (en)

7.1.2 Service report output functions
The fax outputs service data setting status, past communications history reports.
a) List of service reports
The fax outputs the service reports shown below.
Report type
1. System data list
In  the service mode, select the 
and the
2. System dump list
desired numeric button 0 to 2.
Pressing buttons 1 to 2 outputs the respective service
reports on the left.
When pressing button 0, both are output.
Service activity report
If you set bits 0 and 1 of 
#1 SSSW SW01
in the service
(with service error code
mode, the service error code and dump list are indicated 
and dump list)
on the activity report (sending/receiving).
Chapter 3: Maintenance & Service